Financial Planning Services

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At Summit Financial Services we believe a strong financial plan hinges on proper planning in three core areas; protection, accumulation, and retirement.  People don’t plan to fail but without a proper plan many will.  Which is why we take a comprehensive approach with our planning process. This ensures that our clients will have a plan in place that meets their retirement goals and objectives.

Retirement Income Planning: We work to find the best coverage within your budget to protect your hard-earned assets.

Retirement income planning can be a complex process to many individuals as they work toward retirement and beginning the second act of their lives enjoying the fruits of their labor. According to a study in May of 2009, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance found that 70% of retirees overestimate how much they can safely withdrawal from their retirement savings.

At Summit Financial Services, we want to ensure that your money outlives you rather than you outliving your money. Our goal is to help you enjoy a happy, healthy retirement and leave a lasting legacy.

Retirement Plans: If you currently have a pension, 401(k), profit sharing plan or money purchase plan, we offer a comprehensive analysis of your existing plan and objective solutions tailored to fit your needs. We work with many professionals and corporations to offer retirement plans for their employees as a key benefit to maintain a competitive advantage.

Long Term Care Protection


Long Term Care costs can quickly deplete one’s life savings. The average cost for care in a round-the-clock skilled nursing facility is over $76,000 in the United States. Yet, long term care protection is an often overlooked component of individuals’ overall financial plans. We work closely with local Long Term Care specialists to find the best coverage within your budget to protect your hard-earned assets.

Insurance Services


At Summit Financial Services, we offer a host of insurance services and solutions. Whether you’re looking to provide for loved ones in the event of an untimely passing, increase the legacy you’re able to leave your beneficiaries, utilize conservative strategies for asset accumulation, or simply protect the savings you’ve spent a lifetime building, we have a wide array of products to meet your needs.

Life Insurance

  • Term Life
  • Whole Life
  • Single Premium Life
  • Universal Life
  • Fixed Index Universal Life


  • Single Premium Immediate Annuities
  • Traditional Fixed Annuities
  • Fixed Index Annuities
  • Multi-Year Guarantee Annuities

Asset Protection Solution

  • Individual Long Term Care Insurance (LTCi)   Policies
  • Annuity/LTC Hybrid Plans
  • Home Health Care Coverage

Estate Planning and Elder Law


Even if you have taken all of the steps you feel are important to leave your estate in good order, the environment we live in continues to change. Financial Planning and Estate Planning are integral parts of your life – especially in retirement – to ensure proper transfer of your assets and the legacy you wish to leave. We work closely will skilled professional attorneys, both locally and regionally, specializing in Estate Planning and Elder Llaw. If you choose, we will work with your current attorney or assist in any necessary transition.

We encourage you to review your existing plan if you live in Maryland or have moved to another state. Always review your beneficiaries or plans when a major life event takes place such as: marriage, divorce or a death in the family.